mandatory Critical Stage building inspections

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 requires mandatory critical stage inspections to be carried out at the following stages of construction:

  • Piers/footings (prior to pouring concrete)
  • Slab (prior to pouring concrete)
  • Stormwater (prior to covering connections)
  • Frame (prior to sheeting walls/ceiling)
  • Wet Areas (prior to covering any waterproofing)
  • Final (after building work has been completed)

Inspections may also be required for the following:

  • Separating Walls (fire/acoustic)
  • Pool steel
  • Swimming Pool Barriers

The issuing of an Occupation Certificate may be jeopardised if a critical stage inspection is missed.

Under the cl.163 of Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations 2000, the principal contractor for the building site, or the owner-builder, must notify the Principal Certifier at least 48 hours before each required inspections needs to be carried out.

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